Learning about freshwater ice and how it is changing comes at many levels and from many sources. The Fresh Eyes on Ice project is focuses on advancing knowledge on ice for the Arctic science community, K-12 students and teachers, and Alaskan communities who are faced with preparing for changing ice conditions.  The new knowledge of freshwater ice produced by this project is created through partnerships and collaboration across cultures, generations, academic disciplines, and communities. Collaborators contributing to the science ideas, data collection, and analysis include K-12 students and teachers, local ice experts from tribal, state, local, or federal agencies, local river travelers and elders,  and University of Alaska Fairbanks scientists and education researchers. These collaborators all offer “fresh eyes on ice.”

Safety and Observations protocols for Fresh Eyes on Ice:

Ice Safety Assessment Protocol & Video

Ice and Snow on Ice Observation Protocol & Video


Lesson Plans for Educators: 

1. My Ice Story  

2. Mapping Personal Observations of Changing Ice Conditions 

 3. Welcoming an Elder into Your Classroom


 4. Practicing Ice Safety 

  5. Let's Do Ice Science! Making ice and snow measurements

 6. Ice Buoy Field Check and Adjustment - Even scientific instruments need help


7. Ice Data Jam - Exploring and comparing the data we collected


 New Results from the Fresh Eyes on Ice project:

Observation-derived ice growth curves - The Cryosphere