Camera Rescue and Relocation

28 September 2020

A very special thanks go out to Earl Samuelson and his grandkids from Napaskiak! Our river ice observation camera was relocated to a high cottonwood tree in March by Beverly Chmielarczyk, Allen Bondurant, and Chris Arp in a location they thought would be stable and provide a good view of an area of the Kuskokwim River prone to early winter open-water and spring ice jams. Sustained high water this summer however rapidly eroded the bank and Mark Leary of Napaimute notified us of its precarious situation. 

Camera slowly eroding into river

Most fortunately, Mark altered Mr. Samuelson who responded with skiff, chainsaw, and field crew in tow its rescue. Not only did Earl save the project's camera from the river, but offered to relocate it to a new site downstream of Bethel where open-water and ice jam flooding are also a common problem. Check out this new real-time station near Napaskiak this winter and thanks again for this amazing effort to put fresh eyes on ice!

Kuskokwim River above Napaskiak on 27-Sept-2020