Virtual class visits with ice scientists!

16 December 2020

Learn about freshwater ice, how it’s changing, and how we can tell by hosting a virtual visit from Fresh Eyes on Ice Scientists! Engage your classroom or monitoring group directly with our Fresh Eyes on Ice scientists.

In our virtual visits with your group, our scientists can cover many different topics related to the Fresh Eyes on Ice project. Visits might include introducing the project to youth through a “meet the scientist” and My Ice Story lesson, an ice data jam looking at the data with you and the youth involved with the project, or any special requests for activities or topics that fit into your curriculum related to ice. 

Fresh Eyes on Ice scientists Chris and Katie recently visited students in McGrath, where they heard about students going ice fishing, skating, slipping on ice, and a recent rain-on-ice event. Several students and teachers pointed out that there had been a breakup and refreeze event on the river, which caused some ice to jumble up. Together, Chris, Katie, and the students hypothesized that the jumbled ice might cause problems during breakup next spring. 

Our scientists would love to virtually visit your group, too! You can request a virtual visit with Fresh Eyes on Ice by emailing We’ll work with you to find a time for two Fresh Eyes team members to “visit” your group. Visits are generally 45 minutes, but can be designed to fit the time blocks you have available. 

We love working with young folks, and we would love to visit your group! Get in touch with us today at