Ice Update! March - April 2021

13 April 2021

Things are heating up in the world of freshwater ice and we had many things to share from our April 13, 2021 community-based monitoring meeting. 

  • March and April Fresh Eyes on Ice data in review: What data, observations and happenings came out of Fresh Eyes on Ice through the state this month? Find out in our Monthly Ice Update compiled by Dr. Dana Brown and presented during our April 13 meeting. 
  • Break-up science: Want to learn more about the process of ice decay and freshwater ice break-up? Thanks Dr. Chris Arp, for providing this introduction to break up science and for showing us how the ice thickness measurements all our community based monitoring teams are taking are being used. 
  • Ice Data Jams for Youth: Want to engage your youth group in an Ice Data Jam? Check out this new lesson plan by Dr. Katie Spellman to use Fresh Eyes on Ice data with your class, family, or after-school club.
  • Community Engagement Projects: Want ideas for engaging a larger community in your Fresh Eyes on Ice work? Check out the "extend" section of the lesson plan for ideas from Dr. Laura Oxtoby and others on fun ways to extend the science and learning.