Kuskokwim Ice Science & Outreach Journey

16 February 2022

A big part of the Fresh Eyes on Ice project is to travel Alaska's winter landscape to observe and learn about river and lake ice from a range of places and people. Allen B, Sarah C, and Chris A's plan is to adventure over 800 miles up the Alaska Range and down the Kuskokwim River to Bethel near the Bering Sea coast. While traveling over the next 3 weeks we'll collect snow and ice data to inform spring breakup forecasts, understand regional patterns, and groundtruth satellite observations. We're most excited about visits to McGrath and Sleetmute, to meet our Community-based Monitoring Teams in person, share Ice Stories, and hopefully get some safety tips for the next leg of our journey. Ending our trip with Bethel Regional High School students and teachers will be bittersweet, as we had a wonderful visit there two years ago right before Covid closed off important outreach visits and fieldwork for too long.

Please follow our journey through steep terrain, meandering rivers, and warm welcoming villages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (when we have internet) or all the time on our Fresh Eyes Tracker (plus ask questions about the journey and we'll respond as we go)!