2022-23 Ice season Kick-Off with Elder Wilson Justin

7 November 2022

The ice is back! We have kicked off our 2022-23 Fresh Eyes on Ice season and are loving seeing all the ice observations pouring in to our Facebook, GLOBE Observer Land Cover app and Web platform. Keep them coming!

The theme of our year this year is "Data to Action." Each of our monthly community meet-ups this year will focus on the how we all can use the data, stories, and observations being collected on freshwater ice to make a difference for our world and our communities. How is the data from past ice monitoring from land or from satellites being used to understand climate change? How can the data we collect now and data from the past be used to plan for the future in our state and our communities? How are the data being used immediately to inform winter travel safety and spring ice jam flood forecasting?

We kicked the season off with a powerful visit from distinguished Athabascan Elder, leader, observer, and culture bearer Wilson Justin. Wilson encourages us to observe carefully and listen to the messages the land is telling us.

"The ice spoke. Nobody listened. A few of us heard, but we didn't know what we were hearing." - Wilson Justin

Thank you so much for sharing your time with the Fresh Eyes on Ice family Wilson!

Hear the recording shared here with permission. 

Learn more about Wilson Justin's life here .