New river ice mapping tool maps daily ice concentration and Fresh Eyes on Ice community observations

15 April 2024

We have been very happy to collaborate with Mohamed Abdelkader, Jorge Mendez, and Marouane Temimi of Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey on this new publication documenting the development of a river ice mapping tool. The tool integrates satellite imagery from multiple sources and our Fresh Eyes on Ice photo observations from our website and the GLOBE Observer app to offer a daily look at current river ice concentrations. These maps aid operational users like the National Weather Service Alaska Pacific River Forecast Center in getting a good view of ice conditions for predicting spring ice jam flooding.

Abdelkader, M., J. Bravo, M. Temimi, D.R.N. Brown, K.V. Spellman, C.D. Arp, A. Bondurant, H. Kohl. 2024. A Google Earth Engine platform to integrate multi-satellite and citizen science data for the monitoring of river ice dynamics. Remote Sensing 16(8):1368.

The paper was even selected for the front cover of this issue of the journal Remote Sensing!

Link to publication.

Read more about Mohamed and his work here